Royal Master Inspection Reports

Are you buying a home or business, and want a Professional opinion about the structures electrical system? Royal Electric will provide a detailed Master of the Craft Report on the structures electrical system reviewing residential, commercial and industrial structures. The reports will be provided by our Licensed Master Electricians, but all are overseen by Royal's Senior electrical estimator that is a Kentucky Licensed Master Electrician, licensed Kentucky Contractor, and our Senior Master also hold multiple other certifications and awards. He operates under the National Electrical Code (NEC), which defines the requirements and standards that must be met in the U.S. for electrical systems. Every three years, the NEC is revised. Structures are also manipulated by DIY, or "Fly By Night” altering the structures functionality and could be unsafe for Customers, Employees, Children or even your own family. 


An inspection is typically a quick and straightforward process. Royal's Structure inspection reviews are best performed by a licensed, Insured, highly recommended contractor Such as Royal Electric who can recognize the problems and provide a thorough report on the current status of your home or building’s wiring. Royal offers multiple different levels of inspections, as shown below.

The word Thermal is used multiple times through this section, and will be explained you receive the documents from your report.



Utility Setup and Connections 

Transformer and motor functions
Condition of branch circuits and conductor’s insulation Testing

Full Thermology reports examined and prepared with state of the art software Software, and calculation breakdowns.

Contactors and Controls
Electrical panels and circuit breakers
Outlets, receptacles and GFCIs
Grounding system
Smoke detectors and other safety devices

Functionality of the structure’s controls

Installation Review of Electrical Components 
And more



So many "home inspectors" inspect Electrical systems in today’s real estate market, that help buyers make wise decisions before purchase, according to "recommendations" involving electrical. Royal Electric will provide a report, much like a housing inspector, but will be only focused on the electrical craft. Royal Electric has many friends and clients that are currently active in the Housing Inspector occupation. In the state of Kentucky, the requirements to become a Home Inspector, the individual must pass the National Home Inspectors Exam. No construction or electrical craft background is required in the state of Kentucky. The occupation we are talking about here in this paragraph, is not a Local City or State inspector, such as a AHJ, but an individual who holds a certification and looks at a home and provides documentation with recommendations only. Royal Electric's Master Inspection Reports are From a Master with Decades of experience in the craft. Your reports are worth the money. 


Royal Inspection Report Options

As Described in the Previous. The responses are from our Master in his words. 


Visual inspection of the property during a guided walkthrough. No tools will be utilized to open covers and we will not enter attic space unless it is lighted and accessible by a ladder. Insulation thickness may prevent attic inspections all together. Insulation removal is something we offer prior to a residential or commercial inspection. Garages and detached structures are also included with the same requirements for a basic Inspection Reports. Devices, Type of home, Utility setup, and so on is all within the scope of work in a basic

A basic thermology report, is also included.


Visual inspection of the property during a guided walkthrough, and our Thermal camera will be utilized, and our  Safety Equipment will be properly worn before Tools will be utilized to open junctions and panel covers. Our safety PPE is NFPA standard Rated, and procedures followed per OSHA guidelines. We will enter a accessible attic space if it is accessible by a ladder or not. Insulation thickness may prevent attic inspections all together. Insulation removal is something we offer prior to a residential or commercial inspection. Garages, and detached structures are also included with the same requirements for a Full Inspection Reports. Devices, Utility setup, Branch Circuits utilized and condition, and every aspect that a full inspection should include. Any and all hotspots, or moisture will be noted as well. 

No issues will be repaired when found while collecting information for a clients report. The issues can be scheduled for Royal to complete per customers request. Additional Task can be added to a Full report as shown Below;


Operational analysis records can be added to the reports;

Generator Standby Power or Solar net Metering Setup report 

Functionality report within a structure with automation or low voltage wiring

Report on Valves and Cylinder leak down test for Standby Units on select equipment

Lighting load reports 

Full Luminosity Report with our Photocell Meter

Equipment load reports

Also provide options to optimize power savings for operation in report form 

other request for reports can be sent to

Thermal imaging photographs on all lug or terminations. Transformers, and other existing equipment 

Full Thermology Report with Graphs, Utilizing our FLIR Software and Overlays.

Utility Thermal reports are coordinated and most do take two trips to the facility for precis calculations. 


Email with report specifications

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